Thanks for choosing handkerchiefs made by Godspeed Tactical!  We will be releasing small batches with new designs in "drops" on Fridays @6pm (AZ).  Handkerchiefs ship within two weeks of ordering (currently).

 I've done some very hard work to bring something to the market that is not only different but better in many ways from the materials used to the construction method I utilized.  

1. Instead of using decorative stitching inside of the edges (leaving them open) I sew right up to the very edge (no placemats here).  This method not only makes for a nicer looking edge but it's also stronger since there are two layers of interlock stitching on the edge.  No one else uses this method and it is my signature stitching/style of making handkerchiefs.  

2. All corners are reinforced using a third layer of stitching so you can really use your handkerchief and it will last.

3. I've come up with a method of attaching a lanyard that is our Signature Lanyard Hole, they are available in nickel & brass (and included in price).  No other maker uses this method and this along with the edge stitching are a Godspeed Tactical exclusive, really setting our work apart from the rest of the crowd.

4. Our handkerchiefs have two presentation sides with no plain backs & the size is a full 12" x 12".  

5. I use combed cotton fabric with an occasional linen or flannel backer & I only use Gutermann thread because it is the best thread available (hands down).

6. All handkerchiefs are numbered in series & come with a Certificate of Authenticity.


I know there are a ton of people making handkerchiefs nowadays and I doubt these'll be the only handkerchiefs you own, but I know we make the best handkerchief you'll ever own.  


Elijah Gray




For any questions regarding handkerchiefs or request for custom work please use this contact form.

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