Here are some items I am looking to trade Kydex work for,  I can add/accept cash for the right deal so just give me a price/value on your item and we'll go from there.  Being "used" is usually no problem but if any modifications have been made I'll need to know what they are first.



Folders:  (In some cases these folders can be users, broken, damaged or chipped blades etc.)

Zero Tolerance:  0620

Spyderco:  LionSpy, Battlestation, Paramilitary, Endura (Orange) & Delica (Orange)

Grayman: Dua or Satu (Ti-Ti preferred)

Southern Grind:  Bad Monkey Tanto (has to be waved) 

Strider: SMF/SNG (also any fixed blades)

Medford:  any

Emerson: CQC-7V, CQC-7 Karambit & Super Desert Roadhouse

Broken/Damaged:  Knives listed above + Microtech etc. 


Fixed Blades:

Fiddleback Forge:  Any "production" model

CRK:  Nyala (either configuration & used is fine/preferred)

Swamp Rat:  Ruki (used is fine), KDSH (user or pommel version preferred) 

Strider:  DB, EOD (SOL edition preferred), any fixed blades

Ontario:  SK5 Blackbird (used is fine)

TOPS:  Cholera

ESEE:  Izula in OD & Izula II (Orange)

DPx GEAR:  HEST  Assault II (user preferred)

Diaz Tools:  Pretty much anything!

Graham/Midtech:  Ringed Razel "Stars & Stripes" (either/any size), Small Razels (-6")

Paul Chen:  Tactical Katana and/or Tactical Wakizashi

Leatherman:  Charge TTI 

?:  Orange Knives, Bushcraft Knives




ANSO: Carabiner (V3 preferred)

Ti2: Wharbiner, Shiner & Techliner

Pens:  Ti2 Design, D. Caston &/or G2 compatible

HPG:  Kryptek Gear/Highlander (Tarahumara, etc.) or other colors

Casio:  G-Shock GW4000-1A or Mudman (also anything in Orange)

Outdoorsmans:  Pistol Grip Head

Binoculars:  10-12 power Pentax or Vortex 

Locally:  45lb. Olympic plates (35's, 25's etc. too) and Olympic Dumbells




VLTOR:  EMOD or A1 Length Fixed Modstock (Tan only milspec)

Vortex:  Throw Lever for PST

FN-SLP MK1:  1-1/8oz. piston (Winchester)

Magpul:  MBUS rear in FDE, Zhukov stock &/or forend in FDE

3GunGear:  Side Saddle for Rem. 870



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