Current Status:

   At the beginning of this year we lost our home & shop due to unforeseen circumstances, needless to say it's been hectic putting out the fires of family, financial and housing needs.  Our situation is "stable" now and while I still don't have a shop a good friend of ours has cleared out a small section of his garage and we've setup what I like to call a "micro-shop" there so Kydex sheaths are flying out the door now.  

   If you have an order with me that is outstanding please feel free to email me at the address on your order form and I will do my best to get back to you within 48hrs with a response.  I apologize sincerely for the time delay and promise to take care of all outstanding orders.  



   I ran into a lot of trouble last year because I let orders get too far ahead of my production ability, trying to run my business while at the same time producing functional works of art (one-man operation).  As a result I upset some customers (my fault completely) and I was banned from Bladeforums (in my 6 month absence from the forum).  

   I was working towards a solution that would keep this from happening again before I lost my shop but going forward (when caught up) my solution to keep this from happening again is simple:   I won't be working from a custom order form and instead will be pre-making all of the sheaths I make and simply put them up for sale (ready to ship).  Making small changes like adding danglers, belt-loops, fire-steels etc. will be easy when the sheath itself is already made.  


The future of Godspeed Tactical:

    We've got some big plans moving forward and I'm working on financing and blueprints for a shop that is 4x's the size of my old shop.  Customers & friends who saw the old shop couldn't believe I got so much production out of that little space and I had to turn my grinder or vacuum off as soon as I heard my air-compressor kick on or else the breakers would trip, etc. etc. etc.  God willing all of these problems will be fixed with the new shop built.  


Kydex Sheaths/Availability:  

   I had a bunch of pre-made sheaths before I lost the shop and I've slowly unpacked/gathered them and when I could photograph them I've listed them for sale on eBay.  I'm not caught up yet so I'm not making new sheaths to put on the site but for now if you want a Godspeed Tactical sheath check my eBay store (godspeedtactical) & as I get help in the office we'll get them listed here on the site too.



Godspeed Tactical